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ACNH Artist amiibo cards

To commission me please e-mail me at or fill out my contact form with your inquiry!

This page hosts the information and examples for my ACNH Compatible Amiibo card commissions.

For characters that I've already prepared art for - each card is $10 + Shipping

For characters that you'd like to sponsor art for - $30 + Shipping (this is my regular chibi price, so I'm not charging for the amiibo function in these cases!)

When sponsoring a character you can choose the pose/expression/etc..!!

For characters that you'd like a unique card of, with art that will only be sent to you and not anyone else - $40 +shipping


Holographic Finish - Included (if desired) when sponsoring new art. +$5 for existing art :)

I'm not currently planning to sell chips without art, sorry! I may make exceptions in some cases but its been a little tough to get a hold of the supplies right now haha

I'm open to making cards for the new characters, fursonas, ocs, etc.. but none of these will have amiibo functionality due to not having valid amiibo data available to assign! This also means that Dom is a card only and does not have the possibility of being coded/bringing Dom to your island! Thank you for understanding~

Please note! These are handmade cards made by an amateur so there may be some slight inconsistencies between cards. They're all about 2.5x3.5 inches to match the nintendo-produced ones. They're printed on silky matte 80lb cover and sealed together with glue. They're cut and have the corners rounded by hand. They're art pieces that should be handled carefully, I recommend keeping them in a binder, frame, or top-loading case ^^ They CAN be laminated if you would like, but please let me know at the time of ordering.


Currently working on -



Completed Villagers

Special Cards

These cards are for example purposes only, and are either someone's OCs, or a card they otherwise ordered specifically for themselves!

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