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Commission Information

All the same terms apply to these furry-specific offerings as my standard commission page! And of course I also offer those things to furries as well, but wanted to have a special page with things that are fur-specific :)

To commission me please e-mail me at, message me on telegram (pukaparade) or fill out my contact form with your inquiry!

Let me know what you're looking for, and please include your references when you make your inquiry. I take full payment up front, and I can work from text descriptions if you include photo references with the text! I'll send a sketch for your approval and then move on once I've gotten your approval!

Ko-fi Commissions


Special pay-what-you-want commissions. If you tip my ko-fi then I'll do a little doodle or art that scales in quality with the amount of tip. These will likely be experimental works, and could look a range of ways!

**Please note that shipping costs below are for domestic US orders, please ask about costs if you're INTL!

Telegram Stickers - $20 ea

  • Single Character (YCH blank OK to add)

  • Additional characters in a sticker can be done for +$5-$10 depending on design complexity

  • Price is per sticker, but a set of 6 gets a freebie and would be $100

  • The finished set of 512x512 stickers will be delivered after completion, but sketches will be sent for approval before finishing.

Badges - $35+ ea

  • Single Character (obviously LOL)

  • Standard Style, Animal Crossing, or Theme options available!

  • Hand written or type name

  • +$5 for holographic finish

  • +$1 for shipping, untracked

  • +$4 for shipping, tracked

  • Free pick-up available for conventions (check my schedule on home page!)

  • Badges are printed on Koala Ultra Premium Photo Paper 4x6 inch Satin Heavyweight 72lb, cut out, and laminated. They are sent with badge clips attached.

  • You can check out other badges I've done here - LINK

Refs - $100+ ea

  • Includes -

    • Front + Back View

    • Name, Gender, Sexuality text

    • Palette

    • Likes, Dislikes Text

    • Simple BG

  • Add-Ons

    • Outfits on chibi base - +$20 for base, +$10 per outfit

    • Outifits on unique chibis - +$20 per unique pose+outfit

    • Expressions - +$10 per expression (head only)

    • Accessories - +$5 per simple accessory (complicated is more $)

Heart Buttons

  • Want a heart button printed of the art you've commissioned from me? I can do that! They're $5 per button (or 5 for $20). I can add holographic effect to them (or glitter, ask me about it though) for +$1 per piece!

  • Shipping is $4 and is tracked.

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