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Commission Information

To commission me please e-mail me at or fill out my contact form with your inquiry!

Let me know what you're looking for, and please include your references when you make your inquiry. I take full payment up front, and I can work from text descriptions if you include photo references with the text! I can draw furry, any age, and any body type but robots and mechanical things are hard for me so please be aware of that! I'm fine with drawing real people, but not in objectifying or sexual situations.I'll draw nsfw of OCs and 2D IP (no irl people for this one, obviously!). NSFW will be additional fee!

I'm also open to creating other kinds of art for you! If there's something I've made before and you want to commission a piece like that (for example label style stickers, "doughnut" keychains, etc..) which isn't already listen here then please contact me with your idea and we can talk it out!

Ko-fi Commissions


Special pay-what-you-want commissions. If you tip my ko-fi then I'll do a little doodle or art that scales in quality with the amount of tip. These will likely be experimental works, and could look a range of ways!

Icons - $15 ea

  • Simple icons drawn at about 500x500px

  • 1 Char per icon, will be drawn front-facing unless requested otherwise

  • Can be of an OC, Yourself/Friend, Fanart OK

  • Solid color or simple pattern BG

  • Great for avatars on websites, but I specifically use them for tokens on Roll20 :)

Chibis - $30+ ea

  • Single Character by default

  • I can draw multiple figures interacting, but there is no multi-character discount, sorry!

  • Transparent by default, solid color or simple pattern BG OK

  • Can be turned into a keychain and mailed to you for +15$ within USA (+20 Canada, +25 INTL)

Bust Portraits - $60+ ea

  • Single Character

  • Nude by default, but if you'd like clothes or armor we can discuss it! (there may be an additional fee)

  • Drawn on 12 in x 12 in canvas

  • Any age/race/species is OK, Furry OK

  • Simple pattern or solid color background

Full-Body - $120+ ea

  • Single figure by default, can do up to 3

  • Simple background or transparent

  • Able to do thigh-up for a slight discount

  • Can work in different styles for this one, let me know what you're thinking!