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Portfolio for Application to Hazel

I made this page specifically to apply to Hazel, since this isn't a style or work that I usually get to do, and wouldn't be reflected in my main portfolio! Thank you for taking the time to look through :)

In the application I didn't see a place to put down what I'd like to contribute other than kind of content (writing, comic, illustration, etc..) but I'd like to contribute a small series either in copic or watercolor about friendship rituals. How the most mundane activities together can be the most powerful tools for bonding, and how the more comfortable we are with our beloved friends, the more of ourselves we bear to them in small but intimate ways. Cooking together, running errands together, and little gestures established over time that might seem silly to strangers but that are established over time as a surefire way to cheer a friend up when they're sad or in need.

Note - If I were to be accepted my work would be scanned/photographed properly and not on my potato of a phone with instagram filters applied. Thank you!

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