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 Kasia |1992 | New England USA 

Hey! I'm Kasia K. (DBA pukaparade). I'm from New England and I've been doing Artist Alley since 2011 and Freelance since about 2008. I'm half of the team behind

Honey Stars Productions, and love running projects with my partner there!


I'm a huge fan of cryptids and paranormal and like to consider myself somewhat of an aficionado - especially when it concerns faeries or werewolves.

Besides that I'm a sucker for Norse Mythology and will stan Loki until I die :)

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2022 Conventions

Magfest Jan 6-9

Chibichibi Con May 21

Anime Boston May 27-29

Anime Next Jun 10-12 

Nan Desu Kan Sept 2-4

Nekocon Nov 4-6

*Kumoricon Nov 11-13

*Anime NYC Nov 18-20

Holiday Matsuri Dec 16-18

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